lellamisteek (lellamisteek) wrote in bordum_kills,

So I'm new

My name is Kaira
I'm from Michigan (US)
I'm bored because I'm trapped in the sick reality of the socialy freaked out americans.
I'm 20 and Female and forgot all the other requirements and requests. The boredom detroys the reality of what I'd like my brain to be. lets fly away to Europe.. mmmmm..
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Yay. To europe! I'm actually planning on going there when I'm 22...
I'm almost 19, so it's getting closer. I'm basically moving there for over fives years till I gain my citzen ship.
I've talked to people, there more traditional over there. but honestly... the nghtnight.. and living day to day will be the memories hopefully....
go knock trash cans down it's fun... ^.^